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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  August 10, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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look, this comes just one day after the federal reserve seemed to ease some fears of investors. but today there was fresh anxiety on wall street and here in washington. the celebration short-lived on wall street. >> another blood bath. >> the dow not only erasing tuesday's gains, but finishing down 520, another huge point drop. >> this isn't about what the fed did. this is about europe again. and this is where the concern is. >> investors once again worried that italy and spain may be unable to repay their debts and france could be the next country stripped of its aaa credit rating. meantime, back in washington, more calls for congress to return to deal with the deficit. four house democrats sent this letter to speaker boehner, urging him to end their summer recess. the white house said the president has no plans to order lawmakers back or cancel his own upcoming family vacation. >> i don't think a student is what the american people are looking for. they're looking for leadership
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and looking for focus on economic growth and job creation. >> after lunch with volunteers today, the president met with fed chairman ben bernanke and treasury secretary tim geithner. while congressional leaders have now released nine out of twelve picks for the so-called super committee, charged with finding another $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction. >> we need america to do what america used to do in the old times when things were tough. people got together, they didn't scapegoat, they rolled up their sleeves, they were very open-minded. >> the diverse group of republicans and democrats about to have wall street and the world watching their work. now, super committee members named on the republican side included tea party favorite also some so-called no new tax hard liners. the democrats have pledged to include some type of tax reform in this, so many analysts say we could be setting up for another debt lock on how to get to that deficit reduction, wendy. >> all right, kristen dahlgren,
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thanks so much. this week's weak economy has people cancelling their satellite subscriptions in record numbers. eight of nine largest cable providers lost more than 185,000 subscribers between april and june of this year. companies affected include comcast, time warner, verizon. the main reason, people are looking for ways to save their money. customers are also watching more videos, using the internet. comcast is the parent company of nbc universal, which owns nbc 4. and the price of gold continues to soar to record levels. it's now going for $1800 an ounce. the highest ever. it's created a bit of a gold rush. the folks who run this pawn shop in arlington say they're seeing a boost in business. owners of gold jewelry, coins and bars looking to cash in on that precious metal. be sure to stay with nbc for continuing coverage of the stock market mess. tonight on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams, starts at 7:00. there are new developments tonight surrounding the woman from frederick, maryland who
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disappeared in aruba. her boyfriend tells news4 that authorities in aruba have called off the water search, and it will now be picked up by the fbi. we're also learning more about the woman's private life, and the man who went with her on vacation. john schriffen here now with the latest on this. john? >> reporter: well, jim, the missing woman's roommate told me today that robyn gardner was going through a tough period in her life. the 35-year-old had just lost her job, and was involved in a rocky relationship with her boy friend. to get away from it all, she says gardener went on vacation with a different man. >> robyn is a stand-up female who is very loyal, who is big-heart and had very intelligent. >> christina jones, the close friend and roommate of missing 35-year-old robyn gardner is speaking out to clear up the confusion. she says gardener had a rocky relationship with her on and off again boyfriend. because of the turmoil over the past year, she befriended 50-year-old gary giordano, the man she flew to aruba with. >> she sat in this chair, i did
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her her, and she said she was going to aruba. and i asked her with who, and she said gary. and i wasn't excited about it. >> why not? >> she was supposed to go away with him on a cruise two months ago, and she changed her mind at last minute, and -- i'll just say that the way that he dealt with it was not kind-hearted or understanding. >> this is video of giordano in aruba assisting police with the search. he told authorities gardener disappeared while the two were snorkeling last week. he is being held for questioning after trying to leave the island. >> this last day of his stay here in aruba, we specifically asked justice if -- if they needed for him to stay a little bit longer. they didn't answer it, and on his way to the airport, or at the airport, they detained him as a suspect for murder.
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>> no one answered the door at giordano's million-dollar home in gaithersburg. >> now, jones says she is holding out hope her friend is still alive and won't lose faith until gardener's body is found. jim, back to you. >> john schriffen. thanks, john. a nightclub in prince george's county has been shut down following a deadly drive-by shooting. 20-year-old jasmine banks was gunned down monday night while leaving the msg club in capital heights. another man was wounded. shortly after that shooting, mr. police closed the club, using recently passed legislation by the county council. it imposes more regulations on dance hall establishments, and allows authorities to shut them down if they pose a threat to public safety. funeral services were held today for a television producer who was killed on the beltway on her way to work. 21-year-old candace mays hewitt of davidsonville died in a six-car accident last tuesday in district heights, maryland. she was a tv producer at the
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pentagon channel. she leaves behind a husband, gary, and her daughter, cameron. the crash also killed 31-year-old rudolpho of oxen hill. two others were injured. the incident closed parts of the beltway for hours. the violent riots that began in london over the weekend have escalated to murder. three men were hit and killed by a car in birmingham during the looting and police say it was no accident. a 32-year-old man is now in custody, accused of speeding up and intentionally hitting the young men. witnesses say the victims were trying to protect a gas station from a mob. police in london are now taking extra precaution tonight. they have brought in water cannons to use in more riots break out. london police have also made another arrest in connection with that phone hacking scandal tied to the british tabloid "news of the world." a 61-year-old man was taken into custody today. he's the former news editor, and
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the 12th person arrested in this case. police have been investigating claims that newspaper illegally eaves dropped on the phone messages of celebrities, politicians and crime victims. this may be the most important week so far for republicans in the race for the white house. there's a debate in iowa tomorrow, and the first straw poll will take place there on saturday. congresswoman michele bachmann grew up in iowa and appears to be the front runner there. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: iowa republican front-runner michele bachmann came to a plant near des moines, bragging that unlike many in her party, she opposed raising the debt ceiling. >> let me tell you why all these terrible things happen. washington has been turning our money into monopoly money. so let's have a president -- i want to be that president -- who makes government down into
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something manageable, so that all of you can have better lives. >> reporter: iowa polls put bachmann a few points ahead of mitt romney, in iowa today for the first time since may. >> my priority is creating jobs. >> reporter: romney is focusing elsewhere. tim pawlenty is counting on iowa. selling his record of budget-balancing as the governor of minnesota next door. >> when candidates come through iowa, you need to make sure they're ready for the job before you catapult them towards the white house and the oval office. >> reporter: but pawlenty is not in the catapult, pulling a weak third, he needs a turn-around in this week's debate and straw poll. but the tea partied congresswoman from pawlenty's own state got her big boost from the gop debate in june. mild-mannered pawlenty is vowing to put the hammer down. why put a hammer down? >> we need to put the hammer down because the country is drowning, steve. >> reporter: you want republicans to know that you can put the hammer down like, for
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example, michele bachmann can? >> look, it's -- everybody has got different styles and leaders have to have more than one gear. >> reporter: knocking michele bachmann out of high gear is her rivals goal this week. besides pawlenty and romney, they include texas congressman ron paul. a long time, iowa political reporter told me today, paul has a shot at winning the straw poll here on saturday. i'm steve handelsman, news4, des moines. >> there is also word tonight that rudy guiliani may get into the republican race. guiliani is the former mayor of new york city. he ran for the nomination back in 2008, but failed to win a single state back then. the associated press reports that guiliani is trying to hire political operatives up in new hampshire. still ahead, a close call for tourists in alaska. one minute they're enjoying the sights. the next, ducking for cover as huge chunks of ice fall from the a glacier.
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new clues about the final moments before a military helicopter was shot down in afghanistan. controversy on sacred ground. why authorities are launching a criminal investigation after a local cemetery went into foreclosure. three more victims have come forward, claiming they were attacked by a serial slasher. and doug, we've got some good weather out there? >> great weather out there right now. current temperature, 91 degrees. the winds are picking up. the dew points are falling, as are the temperatures. it's going to be a great evening. and wait unwilling until i show you how nice it's going to be the next couple days. dan, i bet it's getting pretty nice out there right now. >> it is. have a little breeze out here, doug. and this is actually the final full practice before the guys get going in preseason game number one, right around the corner. what's the quarterback situation? everybody wants to know that. and which starters will not be playing against the steelers? [ male announcer ] want a better way to track what you spend?
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as news4 at 6:00 continues. two of the men responsible for killing 30 american special operation soldiers have been tracked down and killed in afghanistan. that word came today from general john allen, the commander who recently succeeded general david petraeus in charge
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of u.s. forces in afghanistan. michelle franzen has our report. >> reporter: the new commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan says a recent air strike took out taliban militants responsible for shooting down the u.s. schnook helicopter, and killing u.s. special forces on board last weekend. >> coalition forces killed the taliban insurgents responsible for this attack against the helicopter. >> reporter: general john allen, also revealed new details surrounding the deaths of 30 u.s. special forces, most of them elite navy s.e.a.l.s he says were called in by army rangers as back-up after the taliban leader they were fighting began to flee. >> did we get the leader we were going after in the initial operation? no, we did not. >> reporter: the crash marked the deadliest incident for troops in afghanistan. on tuesday, the president flew to dover air force base to pay his respects as the remains of those killed arrived, and also met with family members.
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>> it was an incredibly powerful experience, and the courage and sacrifice that the families demonstrated was really remarkable. >> reporter: the latest incident has also intensified. the political and public debate on how long the u.s. should stay in afghanistan. in the past three weeks, 34 special operation members have died there. but allen says despite the crash, there are hundreds of missions that are paying off. >> where this was a singular incident and a broader conflict in which we are making important strides and considerable progress. >> reporter: meanwhile, an investigation into the latest crash is under way. michelle franzen, nbc news. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell has designated this friday as a day of mourning for those service members who were killed in that helicopter crash. two families can finally put their loved ones to rest at a troubled cemetery. a calvert county judge ruled today those who made early arrangements at southern memorial gardens can go ahead with their burls.
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but the cemetery is not allowed to help with the burial process in any way, because of criminal charges against the owner and manager for helping families with burials. the state had revoked southern memorial gardens' license because of legal troubles involving the former owner. that cemetery is up for auction at the end of the month. doug is here. we have got a beautiful day and more on the way, even better. >> even better. something for everybody here, because a lot of people would love to see some beautiful weather with temperatures in the 80s. others would love to see some rainfall, and over the next four or five days, i think we're going to get a little bit of both out there. outside right now, it's really nice. when you look outside, you see the bright blue skies. temperatures today did manage to get back into the low 90s, as expected, but the humidity was really not that all much of a factor. and it continues to decrease. that is the humidity i'm talking about. 93 degrees, the high temperature today with a low of 75 earlier in the morning. average high is 87. the record high today is 98
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degrees. that was set last year. and you remember how hot it was last year during the month of august. as far as our day goes today, where are we right now, currently sitting at 91 degrees with a dew point of only 52. our dew point has been dropping, winds gusting upwards of 20 to 25 miles per hour. those winds bringing in some drier air from the north and west. so this evening is really going to feel spectacular. a lot of you will be able to open up your windows over the next couple evenings. 84 in gaithersburg, 85 in hagerstown. leesburg right now at 86 degrees. and fredericksburg coming in at 91. as we widen out here, you can see where the cooler air resides. it's up toward the north, only 77 in morgantown, 75 in elkins, west virginia. 82 in pittsburgh. that's the kind of number that we're going to have coming into our region tomorrow. so once again, some fantastic weather as far as nice temperatures go with temperatures actually below average, even though we'll see plenty of sunshine during the next couple of days. few clouds developed along this frontal boundary. that front now just back to our
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west. it will continue to move off towards the east. out ahead of it, vet warm air we saw today. that will move south and east and behind it, here comes an area of high pressure and fantastic weather both thursday and friday as this area of high pressure will just be dominating the region. a lot of sunshine, both days. but then by saturday, that area of high pressure will start to move off toward the east. as it does, we'll start to see an area of low pressure move in from the west. that's going to provide a focal point for some showers, thunderstorms during the day on saturday. most likely late in the day on saturday. i think saturday early could actually be okay. but late in the day on saturday, could see some thunder move on through. then on sunday, i think this storm really starts to wrap itself up here. and we could be talking about a prolonged period of rain, and if you're thinking about going down toward the beaches or maybe down towards the bay, we could also have a pretty good wind upwards of 20, maybe 25 miles per hour along the beaches. so not the best beach weekend. so if you're thinking about heading toward the beach, you may want to stay in unless you're like me and you actually
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enjoy a rainy day at the beach. because that's what i think we're going to see for just about everybody. once again, we do need the rain. many areas about 5 inches below average this year. so we do need that rainfall. few clouds, warm, but nice this evening. rather breezy. 84 to 88 degrees with those winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, 61 in some of the cooler suburbs to about 70, a great start with low humidity. you'll really notice a difference when you step out the door tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, plenty of sunshine, warm, and just beautiful. 84 to 87 degrees. north winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. it continues on friday. 87 on friday, 86 on saturday with that rain moving in late in the afternoon and into the overnight. and then i think we could see plain rain sunday. some areas may be over an inch of rain. and it does look like that could stick around during the day on monday, too. if you want to facebook me, you can also follow me on twitter, as well. of course, we'll be in somebody's backyard on friday
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for our second great weather friday in a row. if you would like us to come to your backyard, go to >> okay. thanks, doug. trapped under water for 20 minutes. tonight, just ahead, the recovery of a young boy who was swept away in the rough surf. >> i said, hey, grammy, guess what? i won the lottery. and she said, oh, good for you, honey, you deserve it. >> that's the guy that you might want to know a little better. he hits the lotto jackpot for $107 million. we'll meet him. long delays.
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we'll be right back. for the first time in almost two decades, middle and high school students in new york city will be required to take sex ed classes. a new mandate for the school system calls for students to take one semester of sex ed in six or seventh grade and another in ninth or tenth. the curriculum can be incorporated into existing health classes and the course will include information on how to use a condom. parents will be able to opt their children out of certain lessons. next week is going to be very busy week in the d.c. schools. three of the city's biggest high schools saw either major renovations or new construction.
6:24 pm
it's all part of a $3.5 billion project to make d.c. schools in all eight wards more learnin learning-friendly. today barbara harrison got an exclusive look into the overhaul at wilson high school in northwest. >> reporter: this is the original entrance to woodrow wilson senior high school here in washington, d.c. that was 75 years ago when it first opened its doors, and boy, have things changed. take a look at the new way students will arrive at wilson high school, beginning opening day august 22nd. we got an exclusive tour from project manager beth penfield. >> this is the new main entrance. all the students will come through here, and it's great, because the flow will come right from the metro. >> reporter: inside a grand scaled atrium replaces a gathering spot. principal pete kayhall some called the prison yard. >> the courtyard -- it was concrete, had a couple baskets and is some old, dilapidated pick in this case tables.
6:25 pm
and when it rained, it became a swimming pool because it flooded. so, yeah, this is absolutely spectacular. >> reporter: the modernization of wilson includes some state of the art additions. >> this is the ecolab. it's the new age of greenhouses. >> reporter: hallways have been made brighter with more windows. old spaces have been moved to make the school flow better for students. >> the gym used to be the auditorium. and so it will hold 1,600 students or people. it's a adjacent to the aquatic center. >> reporter: the akwautic center and football field complete the athletic side of the building. the new two-level library and state of the art classrooms make up the three-story academic center. and what's this? is that a chalk board? >> a fancy chalk board called a pro meethian board. >> it's for students to use in an effective way. >> reporter: the renovation keeps the school's 75-year-old character.
6:26 pm
the old seats have been polished up for the brand-new space, but come monday august 22nd will be were some 1,600 students, 100% capacity, will be welcomed. the principal can't wait to see their faces. >> that's what i'm looking forward to, seeing the look on the kids' face the first day. >> anacostia high school will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony next week to show off their renovations. those in charge say they'll be ready in time on august 22 hadn't. still to come, the finishing touches being made a few weeks before the dedication of the new memorial in the district. the search for a serial slasher has intensified. three more victims have come forward. and a new test that can predict a baby's sex earlier than ever. and not everybody likes it. coming up in sports, your daily john beck update. will he or won't he play in preseason game number one. and which starter has already
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been ruled out? we're also talking baseball. the natmorse,
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continues to rake. news4 at 6:00 continues. another really tough day on wall street.
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awful, in fact. the dow dropped nearly 520 points. it moved back below the 11,000 level. analysts say renewed fears over the european debt crisis helped to fuel the massive selloff today. new details in the case of a missing maryland woman in aruba. a lawyer for gary giordano of gaithersburg says he is being unjustly held in the disappearance of robyn gardner of frederick. giordano says his friend disappeared while they were snorkeling. his lawyer says he has been cooperating with investigators. britain's prime minister, david cameron, is warning that the government will take any necessary action to end the rioting and restore peace over there. thousands of extra police officers were on the streets of london today. three men attempting to defend their shops from looting were killed by a car that rammed into them. this is a case that has shoppers in our area on edge a bit. a man is cutting women's back sides inside northern virginia malls. >> police in fairfax county say
6:31 pm
three more victims have come forward now. jane watrel has our report. >> reporter: fairfax county police say this is the man they believe is a serial butt slasher. his target? young female shoppers at northern virginia malls and stores. the latest, a newly reported attack on june 18th at tyson's corner center. and two newly reported cases at fair oaks mall that occurred in february. >> people are coming forward. it's not surprising. we wouldn't be surprised if we received additional reports. >> reporter: police say the cuttings are legit, which means there have been nine confirmed incidents all together. the latest on july 25th in fair oaks mall. about ten days ago, another february victim from fair oaks came forward to describe her attack. and her dismay that fairfax county police didn't inform the public about her attack at the time. >> it was like a gush. it was pretty deep. all of a sudden it started to sting and i, like, touched and there was blood all over my hand.
6:32 pm
it was like ridiculous. so i started freaking out. >> reporter: police say at the time they thought it was an isolated incident. at fair oaks mall, where five of the slashings have taken place, the mall manager says stepped-up security has been in place, and asks shoppers to follow general safety rules. >> you should be aware of your surroundings, you should take note of who is around you. obviously shopping with someone else is a good idea. >> reporter: that's what these college students are doing, unnerved by three more attacks. >> it makes you kind of nervous when you're shopping, but i think once you start shopping and you're with your friends and shopping you don't think with b it. >> it's one of those things where it's like butt slashing, who would think to even do that? and it's creepy to be in the mall and think about that's happening so close to home. >> reporter: fairfax county police say they will not be alerting the media or the public. rather, any new attacks that they learn about will be publicized on their website. in tyson's corner, jane watrel, news4. >> with the latest reports, the number of cases are -- at fair
6:33 pm
oaks mall is now up to five, and there are two reported at tyson's. police say some victims may not have originally believed the attacks were serious enough to report. if you think you did come into contact with the serial slasher as they're calling him, call fairfax county police. it's been a pretty good summer here in the district. violent crime is down, and city officials say they know why. homicides are down sharply over the same time last year. there's also been fewer curfew violations and less youth crime. police chief kathryn lanier credits prevention programs and community engagement for keeping d.c.'s youngsters safe. >> we've had a 50% reduction in the number of children under the age of 18 that have been the victim of homicide. so if nothing else was accomplished in all this work that we have done as a team, that in and of itself makes everything we have done worth it. >> the city also implemented police walk-throughs this summer to keep a positive presence in
6:34 pm
target areas. and to make sure that the neighborhoods are kept safe and clean. homicides are down 71% in those target areas. mayor gray says the walk-through program was so successful that what started out as a summer initiative will now be in place year-round. a few 100,000 people are expected in washington soon for the dedication of the martin luther king memorial august 28th. more than a week's worth of events will mean local residents will be adjusting to some traffic and other changes. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: the reverend walter fontroy, now 78, was a right-hand man to martin luther king, whose message is as current as ever. >> marlin luther king gave us the most important message. either we learn to live together as brothers and sisters on this planet or we will perish together and never has that message been nor relevant than today. >> the next several weeks have absolutely unprecedented
6:35 pm
celebration. >> reporter: even as workers rush with finishing touches, city and federal officials met at the king memorial wednesday to announce a series of events and caution that big crowds are expected beginning august 20th, with more details to be released soon. >> the most important thing to keep in mind, this is going to be a big event. >> reporter: arriving early on dedication day, august 28th is a must, because president obama is expected. >> we are inviting people to come out early. i think metro is going to open up early to allow folks time to get in. because i believe that the gates are going to close at 10:00 a.m. >> reporter: the actual image of king carved on the monument stone of hope is being shroudeded until the dedication, but those seeing it for the first time were moved by long-time urban league leader cooper who recalled the battle for civil rights that this peaceful monument honors. >> it was very rough. and dr. king came along when it was very, very difficult, and your life was in danger. >> reporter: the reverend willie wilson is helping to plan a
6:36 pm
national march as part of the celebration, saying king himself would be fighting economic injustice today. >> dr. king if he were here would not be standing at a monument. but he would be monumentally standing. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> the week of celebrations will include a special gathering of female veterans of the civil rights movement. there will also be a day to highlight voting rights for the district of columbia. congress is considering a bill to backpay 4,000 faa workers. that's federal aviation administration, who were furloughed. the measure was introduced in the house yesterday to compensate the employees who were forced off the job for two weeks after congress deadlocked over long-term funding for the agency. backpay for those employees, including about 1,000 in our area is expected. congress has to approve it, and because lawmakers are on recess,
6:37 pm
the faa employees likely will not see the moneyel in september. dulles airport has become a principle violator when it comes to stranding passengers on the tarmac. nationally, 14 flights sat on the tarmac for more than three hours this june. that's compared to only three during the same month last year. three, though, of those flights this year were united airlines planes that got stuck on the tarmac at dulles airport on a stormy day. the transportation department introduced a rule back in 2010 that will fine airlines $27,000 for tarmac delays of three hours or more. coming up you next, a day on the water takes a frightening turn as large chunks of ice fall from a 200-foot glacier.
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mega millionaire coming up on news4 at 6:00. hello, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer right here in storm center 4. we saw a pretty nice day out there today, even though the high temperature got up to 93 degrees. the humidity has actually been dropping through the day. right now we sit at 91 and a dew point of 52. humidity only 26%.
6:41 pm
and there's a pretty good little breeze out there. that breeze bringing in drier and cooler air. right now, 85 in hagerstown, 86 in leesburg, manassas at 91 degrees. la plata at 86 degrees. what are we seeing overnight tonight? some areas will dip down into the low 760s. frederick maryland around 61. martinsburg around 26. leesburg, 66 degrees. 70 inside the beltway. and as we make our way toward the eastern shore, 68 over towards easton. tomorrow, high temperatures in the mid 80s. 86 in washington, 87 in manassas. up toward the north, hagerstown with a temperature of 83 degrees. very nice weather in the forecast over the next couple days. how about this? 87 on friday, plenty of sunshine, and then the rain moves in saturday and sunday. i'll show you what comes after that as we start next week coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thanks, doug. a simple blood test may be
6:42 pm
the new way for expect ant moms to learn the baby's sex seven weeks into pregnancy. dna found in a mother's blood, if a y chromosome is present, she is having a boy. if not, it's a girl. researchers say the blood test was able to predict the baby's sex 95% of the time. they also say it's less invasive than amniocentesis, which carries a risk for miscarriage. the testing could also help doctors detect rare disorders. critics worry it could give parents a reason to terminate the pregnancy. perhaps it was a miracle. the lifeless body of a 12-year-old boy, his name is dale ostrander, was pulled from the pacific ocean in long beach, washington last friday. he got caught up in a riptide. witnesses say he was under water for about 20 minutes. his friends on the beach dropped to their knees and prayed as the
6:43 pm
child was rushed to a hospital in a coma, barely breathing. the boy lay motionless until sunday, when he shocked everyone when he opened his eyes. and then on monday, came another surprise. >> the cough. and come on, dale, cough. you need to cough. and he coughed once. okay, you need to do it again. do more. i don't need to, is what he said. >> and we're like looking at each other. >> he spoke, oh my goodness, a full sentence. it was amazing. >> the child still has a long recovery ahead. his parents acknowledge that he may never fully recover. but so far, he has shown that pretty much anything is possible. dan, what's going on at the park today? >> guys, kind of winding down the final week before the first game. we're going to tell you who is going to be playing at quarterback and who might not be playing at quarterback. we're also going to be talking about a couple other things, including chad ochocinco. he wants to live with a fan. but the question is, everybody wants to know this, will john
6:44 pm
that answer for you,he
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6:46 pm
coming up. dan is out at the park. and dan, i would imagine that by now they're good to go, right? you only have, what, day-and-a-half, two days? >> yeah. we're close. we're two days away from preseason game number one
6:47 pm
against the steelers. and this was really their last full practice. tomorrow is just going to be a walk-through. we can tell you this. starting tight end chris coolly not going to be playing in the game against the steelers. he hasn't practiced fully in a week, and sat out entirely today. he had had some fluid build up on that knee and it is a concern for the coaches. on the flip side, ryan kerrigan has practiced and he will play against the steelers. still no word on whether the first-round draft pick is going to start that game. as for john beck, we don't have definitive word on him either. beck did some work in the team portion of practice, something he hasn't done the last few days. but he is still battling that groin injury. beck wants to play, desperately, on friday. but he knows it won't do any good if he goes out there and aggravates the groin even more. mike shannahan hasn't completely closed the door on beck playing, but it doesn't sound likely. >> i can't say for sure at this time, you know -- i think he's getting a little bit better. he looked better today. but we're not going to play him
6:48 pm
unless we feel like he's close to 100%. >> i'm definitely feeling better than i have been the last couple days, so i was able to go out there and do a little bit more, push it a little bit more. and like i said, you know, coaches -- coach and i have talked and he is making the decision. and but, you know, for me i'm still mentally preparing as if i'm going to play because i want my mental preparation to continue. because that's going to carry on through the regular season. >> you know, technically, the redskins have been getting ready for this game for two weeks. but realistically, it's going to be the first live action, true live action of tmost of these players have seen, because they haven't had a single practice, guys -- not a single practice in full pads. so the coaches are going to try to keep the game plan very simple, extremely van nil la. but you can expect to see a very sloppy game from both the steelers and the redskins on friday night. mike shannahan historically place his starters for a series or two in preseason game number one, which means back ups and rookie and free agents the rest
6:49 pm
of the way. if practice is any indication, things will not be crisp. we have seen shan honor get into his players a couple he times during training camp. today it was the offense that got an earful. fred davis explains. >> just getting our minds right. seeing we were making a lot of minimal mistakes, and he gave us a chance to not have pads on today. and we've got to take use of that when he gives us the opportunity. and i think that was the main fact, when guys get together and that's what we had to do and we did. >> sloppy or not, just going to be good to see another football game played friday, 7:30 right here on nbc 4. you can see the steelers and the redskins. and, of course, we will have a full post game report immediately following. one final redskins note. they cut quarterback mark verifyca who played for uva last year and signed matt gutierrez. moving on to golf.
6:50 pm
we've talked about it the last few days, steve williams, tiger woods' former caddie giddy about winning his first tournament with adam scott after he fired him. today tiger fired back somewhat as he was getting ready for the pga championship near atlanta. >> i was happy to see stevie and a adam win. adam has been a friend of mine, and same with stevie. and i sent stevie a nice text after completion of play congratulating him on his win. so it was good to see them go out there and play as well as they did. >> and you just said you texted him after the win. i'm just wondering if you guys have corresponded at all either via text or spoken since that situation? >> that's between stevie and myself. >> last week you said a lot of intemper at things. were you surprised by that? >> yeah. >> tiger a little bit short. you've got to love the era we live in. text. you don't even have to talk anymore.
6:51 pm
you can just text. all right, talking baseball now. nationals in chicago last night and michael morse continues to rake. he has had an rbi in six of his last seven games. and he had an absolute bomb last night as the nationals beat the cubbies. also, they get a nice performance from pitcher chin ming wong who gets his first win in over two years. what a comeback for this guy. working hard. bottom five, no score. getting some help from the defense. tiler coal vin hits up the middle, and check out desmond. what a play here. kind of a rough hop. desmond stays with it. corrals it, gets it over the first base. chen ming wong gave up one hit in six innings. no score. morse at the plate. he owns the second-best batting average in the national league and also has some power. crushes his 20th home run of the season. drew store would come in, and
6:52 pm
nationals go on to win, 3-1. on the bump for the nationals tonight. final football story here. who do you think is going to make the most noise up in new england? albert haynesworth or chad ochocinco? well, we can tell you that chad ochocinco has been the most entertaining so far, because he says he really will live with a fan until he finds a permanent residence in boston. >> i'm going to do something different. i'm actually going to stay with a fan probably the first two or three weeks of the season. so that should be fun until i get myself acclimated, i learn my way around and find a place. >> have you picked a fan yet? >> no. i have -- i'm not sure how many boston fans i have, but i'll pick somebody out of the blue. i'm not sure how it's going to work. they have to have internet. they have to have x box. and that's about it. >> you're serious? >> have i ever lied to you before? >> well, there could be, you know, crazy people.
6:53 pm
>> i rode a bull. i'm crazy. >> guys, what are the chances of him actually moving in with a fan for a couple weeks? seriously? >> i think it's perfectly possible that will happen. in fact, likely that it will happen. and you've got to love chad ochocinco and the way he plays you guys. i thought that was -- >> plays us? >> yeah, plays you. and it's like the string that he's walking, and he does like this, and you guys jump this way, and then you jump that way. this dude is in charge, and i think he's having the time of his life. don't you think so? >> i think he makes it fun for us, for sure. >> yeah, he does. >> thanks, dan. well, it's the luck of the irish
6:54 pm
at the sleep number store, we have customers come in, "this hurts, that hurts." my back hurts, my neck hurts. my hip hurts. one of the brilliant things is that this bed can change with your body. if i'm in pain one day or i feel differently from day to day, i can change it with the snap of a finger. it's really shaping to my body. every day i see people relieve their back pain on this bed. now the revolutionary sleep number bed is redefining sleep again. find your sleep number setting and join over 7 million people who love their bed. only at the sleep number store.
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instant millionaire with the lottery. we're following breaking news in fairfax county where two people have been killed in a crash in the 7800 block of backlick road in springfield. the crash happened just after 6:00 this evening. we're told that one person is still trapped in one of the vehicles. backlick road has been closed now in both directions. we'll have more on this story in our broadcast coming up at 11:00 tonight. there were some scary moments for a group of tourists in alaska after part of a glacier fell dangerously close to their small boat. the tourists were sight-seeing on the tracy arm fuord when a chunk of ice the size of an
6:57 pm
apartment building fell into the water and the impact from the waves was so intense, a woman fell and broke her leg. usually seeing the glaciers is an attraction for tourists, but in this case the boat apparently got too close. and the coast guard is investigating. tonight, there's a new multimillionaire in virginia. he is a native of the commonwealth. and he's a big-time lottery winner, only 25 years old, though. aaron gilchrist has this story. ♪ ♪ money, money, money always in the rich man's world ♪ >> reporter: in brian mccarthy had theme whusic when he enters the room, it might sound like this. he picked up a check for $107 million from the virginia lottery. that's a $68.4 million lump sum payout that all started when he woke up on july 1st. >> i jumped out of bed, emptied my wallet and i had the ticket. and you know, i'm not a run
6:58 pm
around and scream type of guy. but i was like, uh -- >> reporter: he was driving his route for pepsico and stopped at a store in herndon to get some cash. the lottery machine was right next to it so he played five sets of random numbers, row two right there. that's the money-maker. >> i went downstairs and said hey, grandma, guess what? she said what, honey. and i said i won the lottery. >> i said, that's nice, honey. now would you like a grilled cheese sandwich? the amount was so overwhelming, i didn't comprehend. >> reporter: that's the first thing i did was sit at the table and with my grandma and had a grilled cheese. >> reporter: he has a bmw being built in germany for him, and took his brother to ireland for golf. next week, he takes off with his sister, laura for an alaska jan cruise. >> que we're going to do some whale watching. >> i think everybody should pay it back and pay forward and he has. and he'll continue to do that. >> reporter: brian plans to look
6:59 pm
for a new job and invest well. >> it's going to be a vehicle for me to do something i'm passionate about in life and help those less fortunate. >> reporter: oh, yeah, there's that other question everyone is asking this 25-year-old. are you single? >> single and looking. i think the prospects may have improved a little bit. >> reporter: brian actually bought that lottery ticket about two days after he moved back home. he says he's going to wait a while to figure out where he's going to live now. i'm aaron gilchrist. news4, herndon, virginia. >> did he say he's looking? >> yeah. >> he doesn't have to look! >> not anymore, he doesn't. >> no. he needs a stick to beat 'em off. mccarthy says he's given $50,000 to two charities in herndon. he also plans to give us alma mater some money, penn state. what a wonderful thing. 25 years old. with all that money, wherever he goes, that boy needs to take his grand mom with him. >> yeah. >> wherever he goes. >> how much would you pay for one of -- granny mccarthy's grilled cheese sandwiches?


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